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Xenpelar DZ

Xenpelar Documentation Centre: Dynamic Bertsolaritza Observatory

The Xenpelar Documentation Centre is a dynamic bertsolaritza observatory and aims to meet the documentary needs of Mintzola’s projects.

The Xenpelar Documentation Centre was created by the Friends of Bertsolaritza Association in 1991, with the aim of gathering, organising and socialising the heritage of bertsolaritza and boosting research into it at all levels.

It works through the collection, organisation and systematic socialisation of modern bertsolaritza, without rejecting historical bertsolaritza, and meeting the needs of current bertsolaris by developing all types of document services.  It is an essential tool for research, promotion, transmission and communication projects.

Through Mintzola, in addition to meeting the documentary needs of research into bertsolaritza, it is possible to take advantage of the tools and experiences developed by the Xenpelar Documentation Centre. Its conclusions are available to the public in both Ahozko Elkargunea and Kulturartea as a way of supporting documentation projects relating to other oral creations.

Xenpelar Bertsolaritza Information Centre