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Sep 01, 2016

Spreading the word of bertsolaritza around the world

Mintzola has recently attended several international meetings on improvised verse singing, in Spain and Mexico.

After organizing and participating in Europa bat-batean, Mintzola has been participating in events on improvised verse singing beyond Basque borders.

First, between 14th-17th July, Cante de Poetas festival was carried out in Villanueva de Tapia, Malaga. Bertsolaris Aitor Mendiluze and Eli Pagola took part together with Olatz Mitxelena who was translating their verses to the audience. They performed on Friday and Saturday accompanied with improvisers from Murcia, Cuba and Catalan Countries among others.

Then, from 14th to 27th August, Nerea Ibarzabal, Ane Labaka and Irati Majuelo were in Mexico participating in the Jornada Iberoamericana de niños y jóvenes poetas troveros y verseadores. There were ten countries in total among which were included Argentina, Cuba and Puerto Rico. The trio visited many cities and towns and they gave workshops as well as educational performances and shows.