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Research awards to support studies on oral culture

As a result, there are more research projects than ever, including several PhD thesis.

Mintzola Oral Workshop, in collaboration with universities, is working in order to promote project researches about bertsolaritza and similar creations. The programme to grant researchers is likely to be the most outstanding action.

Not only do we award researchers with scholarships, but we also grant some of them with three-year PhD contracts. The first PhD contract was assigned in 2013, and we started with the grants for Master’s Degrees and monographic studies one year later. Consequently, the number of studies on oral culture, especially regarding bertsolaritza, has greatly increased; good qualified works which focus on oral tradition from different angles. Although they share the object of study, there is a wide range of fields for research: there are projects based on biology, anthropology or philology, among others.

Moreover, there are grants for those students who have already finished their Bachellor’s Degree work, as we want to award the initiative of the students who have been motivated to work on oral tradition on their own.

These grants and contracts are given in collaboration with Mikel Laboa Katedra, part of UPV/EHU, the public university in the Basque Country. However, beyond these incentives, there are projects developed by the researcher’s will as well: Mintzola and Xenpelar documentation centre offer advice, assistance and resources for those who are interested. Besides, there are studies promoted directly by Mintzola Ahozko Lantegia, such as the recent sociological research on bertsolaritza and its public (Bertsozaletasunaren Ikerketa Soziologikoa) accomplished by the experts of UPV/EHU after Mintzola’s request.

These works and references are available on this site.

Spreading the knowledge

The organisation and participation in conferences are also essential to make these projects known. Mintzola organises a seminar every autumn to present recent researches on the field, as well as a congress every summer within the Summer Courses by UPV/EHU. This year we have also carried out Bertsolamintza, a programme to discuss different aspects of the art itself.

It goes without saying that there are other occasional talks where Mintzola and/or collaborators are invited, whether in the Basque Country or away.

Hope to meet you soon at a conference and explain our projects.