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Nov 07, 2016

"Mundu bat ahoz aho" will be released at the beginning of December

The documentary gathers improvised verse singers from seven countries.

The official history has been passed down in black and white through centuries; nevertheless, there are many other testimonies alongside which belong to the moment when they were created and are handed down orally. The improvised verse singing art is shaped through many voices across the world and the documentary Mundu bat ahoz aho (A world by word of mouth) has collected some of them.

Mundu bat ahoz aho poster

Created by Mintzola Ahozko Lantegia and produced by Lanku Kultur Zerbitzuak, the documentary gives an insight into the improvised verse singing expressions in the world. Taking improvised verse singing as common thread, the documentary will drive us along the different cultures in which these improvised verse singing expressions are rooted, knowing their approach to social issues such as handing down from generation to generation and women’s role.

Therefore, the documentary counts with the participation of improvisers from seven countries: Maialen Lujanbio from the Basque Country, the Welsh Karen Owen, Mireia Mena from Catalan Countries, Yunet López coming from Cuba, the Kurdish Zinar Ala, the Mexican trio Las Alondras - Diana Laura Hernández, Dana Sofía Limón, Rebeca Limón – and Simone Monni from Sardinia. Besides, it also includes opinions from Albert Casals, Ixiar Eizagirre, Begoña Guzmán and Ruth Finnegan.

Mundu bat ahoz aho will be exhibited in 3rd December within Durangoko Azoka, annual fair of Basque books and music. Moreover, the DVD will also be available to buy in Goienkale 41st, where the stand will be located. In case you are interested in exhibiting it in your town or city, get in touch with Lanku: .