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Dec 23, 2016

Mintzola will bid farewell to this year at the creative workshop Ahots baten

The singer Anari, the actor Joxe Mari Agirretxe “Porrotx”, the bertsolaris Julio Soto and Miren Amuriza and the literature band ITU will attend the workshop to share their experiences with participants.

The farm school Sastarrain located in Zestoa will take the creative workshop Ahots Baten. 40 youngsters between the ages of 15 and 20 will participate in the workshop; young people who are keen on bertsolarism, drama, literature and the art of singing. 

From Monday to Friday, the group will work on an expression each day and they will receive a guest with expertise in the field they are working on. The first day, they will receive the members of the band ITU which promotes the literature magazine Lekore; the following day, the actor Joxe Mari Agirretxe “Porrotx” will attend the workshop; then, the songwriter Anari; and, finally, the bertsolaris Miren Amuriza and Julio Soto

Mintzola Ahozko Lantegia has organized the workshop along with Bertsozale ElkarteaIkastolen ElkarteaEHAZEEuskal Kantuzaleen Elkartea and experts in the field of storytelling. The first edition was carried out last year and participants enjoyed it immensely.