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Jul 04, 2019

Mintzola at the Quebec-Euskadi professional meeting

Representatives of cultural entities from Quebec have come to the Basque Country to meet with Basque cultural agents from 2nd to 5th July.

With the aim of promoting relationships between Quebec and The Basque Country and developing cultural showcases together, the Etxepare Basque Institute has organized a meeting of several days between cultural agents from both lands. Around 20 cultural promoters, private and public, are visiting Euskadi; they are professionals working in the audiovisual world, art, music and literature, and they are meeting around sixty Basque professionals.

2019-07-04, Donostia

The sessions are taking place in Gasteiz, Donostia and Bilbao from 2nd to 5th July, and the Mintzola Oral Workshop has also attended the event: Jon Agirresarobe, Karlos Aizpurua and Maider Garaikoetxea have been the representatives of Mintzola.

The sessions have been organised as a result of the collaboration agreement signed by the governments of Quebec and Euskadi last 2017. There might be another meeting between the two lands in Quebec, in 2020.