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Jun 06, 2018

Bertsolaritza has been declared intangible cultural heritage

Ana Herrera Counselor of the Department of Culture, Sport and Youth affairs made the decision public after the session of Government today. A ceremony to present the new designation will be held on the 20th of June.

The Government of Navarre has designated bertsolaritza as intangible cultural heritage. According to Ana Herrera, Counselor of the Department of Culture, Sport and Youth affairs who has informed about the designation, bertsolarism is the most renowned improvised verse singing art in Navarre and the one which is preserved best.

She also stood out the popularity and support of the art in society and the effort to keep it through projects in education. The designation will make its preservation easier.

On the 20th of June there will be an event to present the new designation at the Museum of Navarre, starting at 18:00. It will gather representatives from the Government of Navarre as well as Gontzal Agote member of the association Nafarroako Bertsozale Elkartea, Julio Soto the Champion of bertsolarism in Navarre and Alfredo Asiain teacher and expert in oral tradition. The ceremony is open and there will be a a performance of bertsolaritza afterwards.

Started in 2011
The first steps to reach this point were given in 2011 but the issue was frozen until it was reactivated by the association Nafarroako Bertsozale Elkartea in 2016. Last year the association prepared and presented the required documentation for the application together with a report by the etnolinguist Alfredo Asiain from the Public University of Navarre.

This is the sixth designation by the Government in Navarre in terms of intangible cultural heritage. The other five are the following: the carnivals in Lantz, the carnivals in Ituren and Zubieta, the pay tribute of the three cows, the Bolantes of Luzaide and the stick dance in Cortes.