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About Mintzola

Principles of Mintzola Oral Workshop

The Mintzola Oral Workshop was created in 2008. Taking bertsolaritza (Basque improvised verse singing art) as a point of reference, its objective is to promote reflection on the oral tradition and encourage interaction between the disciplines relating to orality, connecting with the new needs of society whilst simultaneously strengthening its essence.

To achieve this aim, Mintzola, in collaboration with different institutions, works to enhance research into bertsolaritza and, based on the conclusions reached, builds bridges with other types of oral cultural creations in Euskara (the Basque Country), as well as with other types of improvised verse singing from the international community.

Its work can be classified into three areas:

The Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa (Xenpelar documentation centre) meets the documentation needs of these three areas of work for the Mintzola Oral Workshop.