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The documentary "What is bertsolaritza?"

What is bertsolaritza? has been carried out with the aim of answering that question and showing people abroad what bertsolaritza is. The film was produced with the collaboration of the Basque Institute Etxepare and the orality institute Mintzola Ahozko Lantegia, and sponsored by Laboral Kutxa.

It enables people to discover bertsolaritza from its roots and to pay attention to the context, creative process and current situation of the discipline, as well as the Bertsolaris Championship. The project also includes several bertso recitals about universal subjects that help to explain and understand the discipline.

  • Direction: Eneritz Urkola and Jon Agirresarobe
  • Script: Xabier Paya
  • Didactic method: Xabier Paya
  • Audiovisual production: Haritz Arrizabalaga
  • Production: Eneritz Urkola
  • Media department: Felix Irazustabarrena, Gaizka Azkarate and Jexux Mari Irazu
  • Camera: Haritz Arrizabalaga, Luis Gurrutxaga and Peru Galbete
  • Voice: Larraitz Ariznabarreta
  • Improviser: Maddalen Arzallus and Nerea Ibarzabal
  • Edition and post-production: Haritz Arrizabalaga
  • Audio post-production: Mediavox
  • Graphics: Hiru Damatxo
  • Documentation: Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa
  • Translation: Ortzi Idoate and Xabier Paya
  • Acknowledgment: EITB and Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa

More information in the press dossier.