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Kantan Chamorita

"Kantan Chamorita" chamorro hizkuntzan egindako kantu inprobisatua da eta "Ayotte'" bezala ere ezagutzen da, hau da, literalki, elkarri bertsoak botatzea. Zortzi silabadun lau lerroetako bertsoak dira, bigarren eta laugarren lerroak errimatuta. Laugarren lerroa errepikatu behar du erantzungo duen inprobisatzaileak.
"Kantan Chamorita" is the improvised verse singing performed in the Chamorro language and is also known as "Ayotte", which literally means to throw verses back and forth. They are eight-syllable, four-line verses with the second and fourth lines rhyming. The improviser whose turn it is to reply has to repeat the fourth line.

Description offered by bertsozales. Revision needed.

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Kantan Chamorita
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Austronesian , Chamorro
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Mariana Islands
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