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Basque version

Ji Tari

Binandere hizkuntzan inprobisatutako negar kantuak dira "Ji Tari", Papua Ginea Berrian. Banaketa batek sortutako minari eta hildako pertsonari buruz sortutako kantuak. Memorizatutako zatiak eta inprobisatuak tartekatzen dira.
"Ji Tari" are the improvised dirges in the Binandere language in Papua New Guinea. They are songs about the pain caused by separation and about the person who has died. Memorized sections are interspersed with improvised ones.

Description offered by bertsozales. Revision needed.

Ji Tari
Trans-New Guinea , Binandere
Language status
Critically endangered
Geographical location
Papua New Guinea
Current situation
No available data