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This group is made up of associations or organisations that are in a position to disseminate or generate information and knowledge about Improvised Verse Singing.
The Collaborators group’s tasks will be as follows:

  • To respond to documentation requests received through the Kulturartea Mapa database, providing it is within their power to do so.
  • To provide information about the world’s improvised verse singing arts.
  • To help keep the database up to date by providing information about any new bibliographic references they may receive or by consulting other databases.
  • To disseminate the results of research projects in the field of improvised verse singing and to foster and encourage new research undertakings.


Center for Studies in Oral Tradition (University of Missouri)

HABE Library

Basque Library. University of Nevada, Reno

ERESBIL Music Archive

Relationships are established with universities, and other instititutions and libraries in both the Basque Country and all around the world, in order to welcome more members into this group.