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About this map

The aim of Kulturartea Mapa, the World Improvised Verse Singing Database, is to raise awareness of the World Improvised Verse Singing arts at an international level. The initiative started out as a collection of descriptions by bertsozales (Bertsolaritza enthusiasts), and the objective is to gradually refine these descriptions and add more details thanks to the collaboration of improvisators and experts in specific Improvised Verse Singing expressions.

Kulturartea 2003

Your knowledge and contributions would be greatly appreciated to further enrich the database. If you wish to add or correct any information, please do not hesitate to contact us. (use this form or by email, xenpelar [at]


  1. To raise awareness
    Although Improvised Verse Singing is present in many parts of the world, very little is known about these arts. The aim of this database is to provide as much information as possible in order to facilitate closer relations between the improvisators, researchers and cultural stakeholders associated with each particular expression.

  2. To promote and foster academic research
    We also aim to raise general awareness regarding the academic research carried out in relation to Improvised Verse Singing, both in order to promote the work already conducted and to encourage others to investigate those areas that have yet to be explored. While the main focus is on orality, all kind of approaches are carefully considered, such as those connected with communication, anthropology, linguistics, musicology, literature and IT, to name but a few. The aim is to gather information and raise awareness about all research conducted in the field.
    --> In order to facilitate research work, users can automatically download bibliographic information pertaining to each separate expression.

  3. To ensure constantly updated information
    The Xenpelar Dokumentazio Zentroa (Bertsolaritza documentation centre) will be responsible for keeping the information up to date. The aim is to try and ensure as many initial descriptions by bertsozales of as many different expressions as possible. Subsequently, the Mintzola Oral Workshop will strive to foster relations between improvisators and researchers of Improvised Verse Singing throughout the world in order to provide more detailed and accurate descriptions of all World Improvised Verse Singing expressions.