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Ahozko Inprobisazioa Munduan Meeting (2003)

It was held in Donostia and Bilbao throughout November of 2003.


The cultural association Bertsozale Elkartea, with the collaboration of the Audiovisual Communication and Marketing Department of the University of the Basque Country, the Basque Government, the County Councils of Gipuzkoa and of Biscay and the BBK, organized the Intercultural Meetings about Oral Improvisation in the World (Ahozko Inprobisazio Topaketak Munduan) that took place in Donostia-San Sebastian in November 2003.

The Meetings were centred on improvised verse singing arts and they had two dimensions. On the one hand, a varied sample of improvised verse singing arts as it is developed in several continents and languages was offered. On the other hand, there was an attempt to move further in the analysis of oral improvisation in general and of the improvised verse singing one in particular, seeking to develop a theoretical framework which will facilitate the understanding of this phenomenon, the possibilities of its survival within our societies and the contribution that oral improvisation could make to these.

The key points to be developed were the following:

  1. Overall view of orality in present societies. Genres and modalities.
  2. Anthropology of orality. Oral performance.
  3. Internal mechanisms of singing oral improvisation. Limits and strategies.
  4. Presentation of oral improvisation experiences in the world.
  5. The future of improvisation. Project proposals.