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Summer 2016: Academic conference

Academic conference in the meeting in summer 2016

Here you can download information about the academic conference and performances which will be held during the meeting.

The academic conference has been organised jointly by Mintzola Ahozko Lantegia with Donostia/San Sebastián 2016 European Capital of Culture and UPV/EHU Summer Courses.

Registration period is over

Target audience

In view of the range of issues discussed, this conference is designed for a broad spectrum of public: they will be very enriching, not just for the fans, creators and experts interested in improvised singing, but also for teachers who work in the area of intergenerational transmission, for anyone interested in gender perspective and for all people with an interest in minority languages. In order to make things easier for those interested in taking part a five-day pass may be requested or, for anyone who prefers, a one-day pass.

Simultaneous translation will be provided.


Registration to participate in this conference is now open and it will remain open until 6th July on the UPV/EHU Summer Courses’ website, For those interested in taking part on all five days, the enrolment will cost 80 euros, and for those who want to participate on one or more days, 25 euros per day.