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Let’s play it by ear in Donostia

Europa bat-batean the World Improvised Verse Singing Meeting will take place in Donostia from 11th to 16th July 2016. Morning schedule features academic conferences, followed by live performances in the evenings. The closing event where visiting artists will join forces with local bertsolaris will take place at Kursaal on the last day of the Meeting.

Not everything will be played by ear in Donostia from 11th to 16th July; improvisation will only have space on stage, since the final schedule of the Europa bat-batean the World Improvised Verse Singing Meeting will be ready by that week,. 

We will have the chance to hear seven different improvised verse singing arts as well as learn about the Europa bat-batean initiative. The Meeting is composed of academic conferences in the mornings and artists’ performances in the evenings. The closing event will take place at the Kursaal exhibition center on on 16th July at 19:00. Improvising artists, coming from Austria, Catalan Countries, Cuba, Cyprus, Mexico and Wales, who have attended the Meeting during the whole week, will be accompanied on stage by Basque improvisers, or bertsolaris. The tickets are available for 15 euros at website, and remaining available tickets will be available at the Kursaal.

Apart from the festival performances, more shows will take place in Donostia-San Sebastian before the closing event at the Kursaal. On Monday the performance will take place in the port; improvisers from countries in the seaside will participate. On Tuesday the show will be moved to the headquarters of DSS2016EU, and on Wednesday the improvised verse singing arts will take up Tabakalera; this performance conducted by Uxue Alberdi will be a meeting point for female improvisers. On Thursday, a performance will be carried out outdoors, in the old town, and on Friday a show of the same nature will be performed in Oñati. Every show will feature improvisers from different countries, accompanied by Basque artists: Manex Agirre, Miren Amuriza, Amets Arzallus, Andoni Egaña, Ane Labaka, Maialen Lujanbio, Alaia Martin and Julio Soto. Maite Berriozabal and Alaitz Rekondo will be presenting the events. To enable everyone to fully participate in these events, an interpreter’s/translator's assistance will be available.

The tickets for the shows in the port and Tabakalera are available at, for 10 and 15 euros respectively. As abovementioned, the ticket for the final event at Kursaal is also available for 15 euros. 

Academic conferences in the morning

The academic conferences in the morning will provide us with key information to gain an in-depth understanding of the performances carried out in the evening. From Monday to Friday, between 09:00-13:30, the Meeting Europa bat-batean will take place at Miramar Palace, within UPV/EHU Summer Courses program. Apart from the improvised verse singing arts displayed in the evening shows, attendees will have the chance to know more improvised verse singing arts such as the expression used in the North-east of Brasil or the one coming from Karelia, in the north of Europe. Interpreters will be available in order to help everyone fully benefit from the lectures, given in a variety of languages.

The registration is open until 6th July on Five-day pass costs 80 euros and for those interested in a one–day participation, a single-day pass is 25 euros. 

Three stages

Europa bat-batean project is organized by Mintzola Ahozko Lantegia and Donostia 2016 European Capital of Culture and carried out in three stages: autumn 2015, spring 2016 and summer of the same year. The project involved help of many organizations and volunteers. 

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