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  • Language: Spanish
  • Region: Canary Islands
  • Improviser: Verseador
  • Description: This is an improvised art in Spanish, and its presence extends across all the Canary Islands, although it has some peculiarities depending on the area. On the island of Hierro verses are improvised in the form of couplets to the rhythm and sound of the "meda", but they are also known as "loas" or "lobas", sung in quartets. Couplets are sung in both Gran Canaria and in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, and in La Palma oral competitions called "piques" are organised. Those dedicated to repentism in these areas are called "versadores", "versiadores" or "verseadores" and they share many of the characteristics of Cuban improvisation: for example, repentism is also called "punto cubano" and ten-line stanzas are also improvised to the sound of the lute and the guitar. Exchanges between improvisers from Cuba and the Canary Islands are very common.
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