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Europa bat-batean is a project devised by Mintzola Ahozko Lantegia and Donostia / Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture, whose main objective is to raise awareness of and look in more depth at improvised verse singing, leading to the coming together on the stage of different traditions in a multicultural dialogue.

The project is being developed in three stages, from autumn 2015 to summer 2016:

  • Performances and round-table discussion in autumn 2015: they have been held in Leon on 25-26 September and in Barcelona on 6-7 November.
  • Performances in spring 2016: they have been held on 16-23 April at different places in the Basque Country: Bilbao, Hernani, Donostia/San Sebastián, Pamplona, Markina-Xemein, Ustaritz and Aramaio.
  • Meeting in summer 2016: they will be held in 11-16 July in Donostia/San Sebastián. In the morning, there will be a conference at Miramar Palace and in the evening performances in the city.