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Priority areas of research

Research into bertsolaritza has been adapted to the needs of the modern society and is based on the Bertsolaritza Research Plan, implemented through Participatory Action Research (PAR), launched by the Bertsozale Elkartea in 2012. Through this participatory process, in addition to other research considered priority and important for the period between 2013 and 2017, a catalogue of proposals for carrying out different research and projects has been developed.

Mintzola will drive research into the issues prioritised by Bertsolaritza, both on its own account and through the infrastructures and resources of different research institutions.  These are the issues prioritised by type of bertsolaritza throughout Euskal Herria [links in original language, EUS]:

Bertsolaritza - Society:

1 - Research into the reasons and mechanisms for becoming interested in bertsolaritza. Taking into account the local socio-linguistic characteristics of different ages [A1]

2 - Research into strategies developed over history to transmit Bertsolaritza [A2 and J5]

Organisation of meetings – Promotion strategies:

3 - Diachronic or synchronic analysis of the evolution and features of the local places [B1]


4 - Analyse the championship of bertsolaris (for the Basque Country and for the provinces) and all the results [D1]

5 - Analyse the low competitive level championship models and examine all their consequences [D2]

6 - Comparison between the low competitive level models and traditional championships [D2]


7 - Analysis of the work, methodologies and results in regulated education, bertso-eskolas (verse schools) and complementary activities through the Provincial Association [F1]

8 - Analysis of all the methods for transmitting bertsolaritza: formal (regulated education), non-formal (bertso-eskolas) and informal (leisure) [F2]

9 - Analysis of the benefits and contributions that can be made by bertsolaritza in the different fields of education and society [F3]

Bertso-eskolas. Network and relationships:

10 - Analysis of the relationships between the Provincial Association and the bertso-eskolas [G3]

Functioning of Bertsozale Elkartea (Friends of bertsolaritza association):

11 - Carry out a diagnosis of the functioning and funding channels of the Association (Euskal Herria and Provincial). [J5 - J6]