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Research Plan

The Bertsozale Elkartea association’s Research team has defined a Strategic Plan for research into bertsolaritza. This Plan forms the foundation for the Mintzola Bertsolaritza Research Centre.

To implement this strategic plan it has chosen to follow the Participatory Action Research (PAR) methodology which is more closely linked to the work of a local facilitator from the cultural field. This allows it to meet two objectives: firstly, achieving greater legitimacy in defining the content and priorities for research into bertsolaritza; and secondly, encouraging more people to reflect on bertsolaritza.

Regarding the process:

  • It has benefited from the advice of an expert on participation from the University of the Basque Country: Zesar Martinez.
  • This work began in 2011 and was completed in 2013.
  • It has been shared throughout Euskal Herria (the Greater Basque Country): Bertsolaritza Associations and fans of Bertsolaritza from all the provinces have taken part.
  • 23 workshops-meetings have been held and these were attended by 135 people.
  • 13 researchers have been interviewed and asked for their opinion on the content in question.
  • This content has been developed by 17 employees and 10 voluntary members from both Euskal Herria and the provinces.

Research Plan

Regarding the content:

  • In the synthesis for the 5 regions: 130 contributions have been received.
  • In the synthesis for Euskal Herria: these have been summarised into 73 proposals.
  • 47 research proposals, distributed across 10 sections.
  • 26 project proposals, distributed across the 3 sections of the Bertsolaritza Association (promotion, transmission and research).
  • As well as the observations made on each proposal, another 76 observations have been collected, corresponding both to a particular section and in general.
  • 11 priority research proposals have been described in detail.