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Research Outreach

The results of any research supported by Mintzola must be shared among the research community and passed on to society in general. Different initiatives are carried out in order to publicise this research such as, for example:

Courses and conferences

These are conferences to report on basic research, applied studies or external initiatives carried out in relation to bertsolaritza. These conferences also offer reflections about different research topics. Mintzola organises these courses in collaboration with other organisations (courses from the UPV, UEU, etc.).

Talks and round table sessions

Talks and round table sessions on the results of the research conducted. With a greater level of depth and analysis than is currently published in the media.


Publications of the research carried out are produced. These publications meet two objectives: an academic objective, through publications in scientific journals; and an informative objective, through publications of various kinds. Both the format (book, article, report, etc.) and the publication channel (paper, audiovisual, Internet, etc.) can be adjusted to reflect the objective pursued.