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Regular Analyses

  1. Regular analyses
    1. Research into bertsolaritza
      1. Social function of bertsolaritza
      2. How do people become interested?
      3. How is bertsolaritza transmitted?
      4. Through what channels or areas does "bertso" reach the fans?
      5. Current applications of bertsolaritza (improving orality, loyalty to Euskera, learning Euskera, developing the memory, perfecting the imagination, becoming used to performing in public, etc.).
    2. Research on bertsolaris (bertso singers)
      1. Characteristics of bertsolaris.
      2. Characteristics of the creation process.
  2. Continuous data collection
    1.  Collection of data on public works: performances, talks, etc.
    2. Collection of data on regulated education and the bertso-eskolas
    3. Collection of data on bertsolaris (new and updated): Haitzondo.
    4. Collection of data on improvised singing from around the world (descriptive map).
  3. Reflections on the projects
    1. Related to Bertsolaris Championships (Collection of articles written on the Absolute Championship in 2013) [link in original language, EUS]