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Bertsolaritzaren Ikertegia

Bertsolaritza Research Centre

Bertsolaritza is the oral tradition of Euskera (the Basque language), an oral cultural creation that has managed to create its own internal ecosystem and a cultural movement from among minority languages.

Bertsolaritza is an important way of boosting Euskera as a movement. The health of bertsolaritza directly influences orality, the cultural landscape and the work taking place to increase the number of Basque speakers. Research into it is essential if is required to be passed on from generation to generation and adapt to suit the times.

The Bertsolaritza Research Centre is the core of the Mintzola Oral Workshop. On the one hand, it offers an advice service for researchers and, on the other, it awards research contracts and grants for projects. Mintzola also offers spaces and resources for sharing the results of this research. For this task it collaborates with different institutions.

Bertsolaritza Research Centre