The phenomenon of bertsolaritza in Frisia

May 10, 2018

Having become fascinated and enthused by bertsolaritza, five Frisians want to try and let the age old Basque bertsolaritza flourish on Frisian soil. The first seed will be planted on Friday, 18th of May, presenting the "Bartelje!" project and with the premiere of a Frisian documentary about the Basque bertsolaritza.

Terraza Mintzola will become a vantage point for international experts

Nov 23, 2017

Along with the Basque fans, international experts and improvisers will be able to follow the final of the Bertsolaris Championship live. This is due to take place on 17th December. Thanks to the ongoing work of the Mintzola Oral Workshop, international experts have been invited to the Terraza Mintzola, which will be set up in the BEC.

The Government of Navarre will declare bertsolarismo a good of Intangible Cultural Interest

Sep 19, 2017

Bertsolarism will receive the highest level of protection afforded under Regional Law; the measure will take effect in the autumn.

Xenpelar Documentation Centre’s library, on the web

Jan 20, 2017

The catalogue gathers more than 500 references of books and articles related to bertsolarism. The database contains material about oral art disciplines and improvised verse singing in the world too.

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